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Kenya Aeronautical College is proud to announce the collaboration with her sister school Skymax Aviation Flying School and KAC Aviation Engineering Ltd. Our complex building block will now train pilots and engineers under the same roof. KAC Aviation Engineering Ltd is an aircraft piston engine, propellers and accessory overhaul facility approved by KCAA. It overhauls and repairs aircraft engines for the companies in Kenya and East Africa.

Being in the same building with flying and engineering school gives  our pilots  and engineering students an opportunity to learn the engineering skills on aircraft engines during overhaul and workshop repairs. Our engineering students will also be given opportunity to fly and relate what they have learned in class to the actual operation of the aircraft in the air. Our intention is to train not only pilots but a pilot with engineering skills. In the same vein, we want to train not only engineers, but engineers with flying knowledge.

Admission is now open for both engineering college and flying school. Welcome.

Samson Muliro Aketch

Director, Kenya Aeronautical College.