An institution that invests in quality education ensures a better future for its students however an institution that invest both in quality education and talent ensures a successful and wonderful future. In this case we as students don’t just need a better future but a successful and wonderful future .This rings true for the position which Kenya Aeronautical College has positioned itself as that institution that invests both in talent and education.


In the month of May we showcased our first performance at the Railways Training Institute, The Project’. Our talked about societal quagmires like cattle rustling which are things of the past and should be discouraged at all cost as we embrace unity and diversity. We were viewed as underdogs by the so called ‘drama power houses’ because we were staging our performance for the very first time, little did they know that they were opening doors for the next drama giants, The Pilots from Kenya Aeronautical College. This was revealed during the announcement of results whereby we had scooped the second position mercilessly displacing the so called giants, for us it was a sweet victory hence the win meant that we had preceded to the Nationals.


We arrived in Nyeri for the National Festivals in style and just as The Pilots we ensured high discipline amongst ourselves, represented and marketed the school as the best in the aviation industry with courses in piloting, cabin crew, Aeronautical engineering among others. We did received a wide reception and adoration in Nyeri. We performed and became position two nationally and scooped numerous awards such as the most original play, the best play on anti corruption, best costume and décor and most creative play. Besides that the college also produced the best actor Kelvin Karanja and the most promising actress Annstella.

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I would like to appreciate the director for the much needed support, the quality assurance manager who is our patron and finally the marketing manager for the encouragement, much appreciation to Mr Malvin Idachi the brain behind this play, Nelson Asienwa, Clinton Luziri,Joel Mureithi, Cindy Tetu, Bonke Ngala, Javan Wasike, Annstella ,Precious ,Duncan Ojiambo and many more actors for the splendid performance…. I salute you all.

Special thanks and appreciation to Joel Mureithi (Former Chair person)

And higher we shall fly…………………………………….

Hudson Ojiambo
Vice Chairman
The Pilots Drama Club (KAC)