Kenya Aeronautical College and Kenya Airways are intending to collaborate to offer training opportunities. The Kenya Aeronautical College will  be mandated to  train  engineers and technicians  in skills for KQ . Kenya Airways  being on expansion  program provides a need for more employment of  qualified and skilled engineers. With modern technology and advancement in aircraft designs and manufacture, Kenya Airways is a among  top airlines in Africa and in the world that operates sophisticated aircraft, the Dreamliner included. As such technical skills and man-power are necessary for the company to grow. Kenya Aeronautical College comes in to provides support in training. Kenya Aeronautical College is the most equipped technical college in the country that trains aeronautical  diploma programs. The college boasts of having several jet engines and functional workshops for training. In collaboration with KAC Aviation Engineering Ltd an approved aircraft engines and propeller  overhaul shop  by KCAA, our students get the first hand information on aircraft engines and propeller overhaul.  Boeing company intends to visit Kenya Aeronautical College for the purpose of auditing.  This will enhance quality training  for the institution. We thank Boeing company for this noble  cause and we are humbled to be  honored. With this endorsement from Boeing we are left with no option but to give the best quality  training to the  society for  better safety in our  sky.