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The aim of this program is to provide students with in-depth theoretical knowledge along with practical experience in the development and control of electronic systems. These systems are interdisciplinary technologies that are poised to leave their mark on areas such as manufacturing, transportation, aerospace, defense, healthcare, and many other critical fields of application in the aviation world.

Electronics take many different forms, but can generally be described as physical systems capable of carrying out a set of complex tasks in the aircraft linking systems and subsystems . Examples include autonomous cars, intelligent manufacturing robots, swarms of delivery drones, or even surgical robots. Within the last five years, these fields have seen tremendous growth and both industry and academia are in pressing need of qualified personnel with deep knowledge in machine learning, artificial intelligence, adaptive control, multi-agent systems, mechanical engineering, computer science, and a variety of other advanced topics.
The curriculum in an avionics diploma program includes courses in radio communication theory, avionics system integration and avionics systems line maintenance. Required courses for certification include mathematics, digital science, telecommunication and navigation, the basics of aircraft handling and safety, documents and regulations, electricity and power, power plants and fuel and exhaust systems.

While there are undergraduate degrees and certificates available for avionics technicians, graduate and post-graduate degrees in avionics are not commonly offered in these programs. Avionics technicians who are interested in further education can go on to pursue engineering degrees.


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Best course ever.

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Great instructors.

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The lab sessions are dope.

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The future of aircraft technology is avionics.

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