Degree Program

degree program

Kenya Aeronautical College And Shenyang Aerospace University Collaboration Program

Kenya Aeronautical college in collaboration with Shenyang Aerospace University is offering you a chance to pursue your bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical engineering at your convenience!!!

Initially, for one to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering, had to travel thousands of miles to Shenyang Aerospace university in china. However, with the collaboration between Shenyang Aerospace University and Kenya Aeronautical college, one has a chance to pursue their bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical engineering at Kenya Aeronautical College.

Shenyang Aerospace University

SAU has a great Aeronautical Academic history that ranges for over 70 years. The first fourseater electrical aircraft was developed and manufactured by SAU. SAU is also the only Aircraft maintenance center approved by the china Civil Aviation Authority to issue licenses to maintain Aircrafts.

Objectives of the 3+2 Bachelor’s degree in aeronautical Engineering Program

    1. This program is arranged to assist many aeronautical Engineers at diploma level that would love to further their studies and attain a bachelor’s degree.

    2. To assist Aeronautical Engineers that would love to study while working at the same time thus classes shall be offered in the evening (5:00pm to 8:00pm), weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and online.

    3. To assist Aeronautical Engineers with great experience but can’t get promotions at their workplace because they have no bachelor’s degree.

    4. To assist candidates to obtain a bachelor’s degree that would be recognized worldwide from the best aeronautical university in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the requirements for one to enroll for the course?
For one to be legible to enroll, they need to be holders of a college diploma in Aeronautical Engineering OR have a 5-years work experience in the field of Aeronautical Engineering. For the fresh graduates from high school that would love to enroll, they will have to study a diploma in aeronautical engineering at Kenya Aeronautical College for a period of three years and then be facilitated to go to China at Shenyang aerospace university for a bachelor’s degree of 2 years.

2. Where will classes be conducted from?
Classes will be conducted at Kenya Aeronautical College premises by SAU approved lecturers.

3. How long will the course take?
The entire course will take 2 years

4. Which learning programs are offered for the course?
We offer evening ,weekend and online classes, and one chooses from the mentioned classes depending on their convenience.

5. How much will I have to pay for the course?

Fees Structure

Particulars Amount(USD)
Tuition 2700 per year
Exam Fee 200
Facilitation 200
Activities 150
Maintenance 100
Library 40
I.D 10
Total 3400

6. When can I enroll?
We have 3 Intakes in a year January May and September

7. How do I apply?
One can choose to apply online or visit Kenya Aeronautical College offices at Wilson airport along Lang’ata road in Nairobi City.

Other Bachelor Degree Programmes

1.Bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering (1+3) program

This program is for all students that would love to do a bachelor's degree direct without first undertaking a diploma program. Under this program a candidate shall study at Kenya Aeronautical College for 1 year and then be transfered to continue with his or her studies at Shenyang Aerospace University in china for the next 3 years. At successful completion of the program, the candidate shall be awarded with a Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering by the Shenyang Aerospace University.

2.Bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering (2+2) program

Just as the (1+3) program the (2+2) program operates in a way that a candidate studies 2 years at Kenya Aeronautical College and 2 years at Shenyang Aerospace University. At successful completion of the program, the candidate shall be awarded with a Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering by the Shenyang Aerospace University.

Aviation is real, don’t be left Out ! ! !

We will shortly upload the training curricular for Airframes and Engines. Thank you for your understanding.