Diploma in Flight Operation and Dispatch

Get equipped with skill to work in the field of Airline Operational Control, in the Nerve Center of Airline operations

Flight operation and dispatch officer is an officer in aviation industry whose job is to prepare aircraft for flight. He/she ensures aircraft is refueled in accordance with the needs of the particular flight, aircraft is properly loaded, aircraft routing and navigation is in order, all passengers manifest is filed amongst others. His/her job is to ensure that aircraft is properly loaded and safe to fly. The officer will then monitor flight to ensure that he/she is in conduct with the pilot throughout the flight. The officer works hand in hand with control tower in this particular area. This is a very important task and proper training is no exception. We train students in all arears the officer will be required to perform his/her tasks including radio telephony, aircraft loading , Flight planning a amongst others. Many of our former students are holding senior positions in airline and aviation industry as a whole
We will shortly upload the training curricular for Flight Operations and Dispatch. Thank you for your understanding.
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